What Are Some Tips for Choosing Exterior Door Colors?

Factors to consider when choosing an exterior door color are the house style, the door material and the surrounding landscape. A yellow door is suitable for a cottage-style home, whereas a turquoise-colored door blends well with a Mediterranean style. A red door is a trendy choice when updating a ranch home.

Besides the style of the house, the material of the door itself is another clue for choosing colors. A wood door shows variations in grains that pick up different shades of color. For landscape cues, and to coordinate a door with surrounding flowers, a color wheel is a useful tool. One unique combination uses three colors in triangular points on the wheel. If the flowers are blue and yellow, a red door adds curb appeal.

Another color tip is that different hues evoke different emotions. Brighter hues feel energetic, and subdued tones are conventional. Dark tones feel somber, and light colors are playful. Consider colors for emotions whether the door is a formal entrance or a beacon to help visitors find the house.

One more tip is to choose a color that looks good in all seasons. When flowers fade or leaves change, the door color remains the same.