What Are Some Tips for Choosing Decorative Tile Trim?


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To match the trim to the tiles, get decorative tile trim from the same place as the field tiles. Use borders and etchings to accent the layout. Use surface trim for setting bed that is on same plane as surrounding surface and use radius trim when setting bed is above the surrounding surface.

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Consider wood, metal or PVC edging if tile trim is not available. Use caulking to the edge of the tiles to smoothen and create a clean seal. This is suitable for mosaic, tumbled stone and some porcelain tiles. Use coordinating tile moldings in natural stone and porcelain to provide a cohesive transition between two types of tiles, or from tile to drywall.

Metal edges are available in a wide array of styles and finishes. They provide a contemporary look to the tiles. Choose a metal color that coordinates with a sink faucet or a showerhead for an elegant and classy look. Use a bullnose edge trim on natural stone and porcelain tiles to create a rounded style.

Border tiles are narrow and are useful to decorate a tile edge. Use accent tiles as decorative trim as they take any form, but have contrasting color, size, shape or texture. Choose a wood-trim edge to finish the look of countertops at a less price.

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