What Are Some Tips for Choosing Curtains for a Rustic Cabin?


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When choosing curtains for a rustic cabin, consider the purpose of the curtains, the scenery of the windows, and the overall interior decoration theme, suggests CommonFloor.com. Cabins that make more use of external light do well with curtains of breezy fabrics and lighter neutral color shades.

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What Are Some Tips for Choosing Curtains for a Rustic Cabin?
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In terms of the general shape of the curtains, main options include draped fabric panels, wool blend valances, and simple curtains. Simple curtains have straightforward, understated lines that draw the viewer's attention to the rest of the room. This is ideal for highlighting other aspects of the cabin's interior decor.

Draped fabric panels have more detail than simple curtains, and allow for a natural look within the cabin while still adding interest to the overall theme. They also offer the option of incorporating a blind or shade for additional privacy. Wool blend valances work best with a warm, rustic wood-inspired theme, as they tend to have a richer, heavier look and feel.

For patterned or printed curtains, it is a good idea to choose nature-themed patterns or prints. For example, a dragonfly print alludes to a cabin's natural surroundings. Vintage floral patterns work well with a more quaint theme.

For windows with good views and access to plentiful light, lightweight fabrics, such as linen panels, are ideal, as they do not obstruct too much light or scenery. Neutral color tones also work well, as they do not distract from the scenery. In particular, shades of white are popular for decorating rustic cabins because they tend to be cost-effective and give the entire interior an appearance of cleanliness, brightness and freshness.

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