What Are Some Tips for Choosing Comfortable Bed Sheets?


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Some tips for buying comfortable bed sheets include considering the materials and looking at the thread count. The weave and pattern of the bed sheets can also make a difference in how they feel. The weave of bed sheets changes how light and crisp the bedding is, as well as determining if it is wrinkle-resistant or has a flannel texture for colder weather.

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The thread count is not necessarily a good way to determine the overall quality of bed sheets, but it does help to know the preferred thread count an individual likes for comfort reasons. Some people prefer a lower 400 thread count in their sheets due to the cool feel of the sheets. Others like a higher thread count for a warmer and more luxurious feeling.

Another factor that is more about personal preference is the material. Cotton provides comfortable and durable sheets, with 100 percent Egyptian cotton often being a favorite material. Pima or supima cotton is soft and has an extra sheen to it. Linen is good for warm climates, since it has a cool and crisp feel.

For certain seasons, it is good to change the material or texture of the sheets according to the comfort level. For example, a low-thread cotton sheet is good in the summer to keep the bed cool, while a flannel texture is better in the winter to keep it warm.

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