What Are Some Tips for Ceramic Floor Tile Removal?


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Some tips for removing ceramic floor tiles include planning ahead, consulting an expert, wearing the right gear and taking precaution to protect areas that should not be damaged. This project may take a long time depending on the size of the house and tools available. It is therefore a good idea to set aside at least a day to complete the project.

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Make preparations ahead of time when planning a ceramic floor tile removal project. Determine how to dispose of the materials that may cause potential hazards. Consult an expert on how to go about the whole project. Seeking information through online resources may equally be helpful in case there is no expert around.

Choose the appropriate protective gear for the task. Goggles are a good way to protect eyes from loose material that may cause damage. Protect hands with quality gloves to prevent scratches or cuts from sharp edges.

Use a heavy hammer at the start of the job to start the removal process. After removing the first pieces, should come out much easier. When removing tiles from a small area, protect other areas by covering them with a drop cloth. Use a sharp scraper to scrape out any adhesive and grout that may remain.

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