What Are Some Tips for a Carpet Machine Repair?


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Tips for repairing a carpet cleaner depend on its manufacturer and model and range from cleaning the filter to ensuring proper seating of the water tank. Two major manufacturers of carpet cleaners are Bissell and Hoover.

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To troubleshoot a Bissell carpet cleaner that fails to spray or sprays a reduced amount of water or cleaner, clean the filter to ensure a clog is not causing the problem. Ensure proper seating of the tank inside the unit, and turn the unit on and off to prime the water pump before depressing the trigger again. Check for a broken pump belt by unplugging the unit from the outlet and inserting a flat-head screwdriver into the belt access door’s lower slot, releasing the lower snap on the door. Check to confirm proper looping of the pump belt around the motor shaft.

To troubleshoot a Hoover carpet cleaner that fails to suck, ensure proper attachment of the lid on the lower recovery tank. The lid should hinge at the machine’s front and snap down on the back in order to seal properly. If that doesn’t help, ensure proper attachment of the suction hose to the tank, and ensure proper attachment of the rubber seal beneath the tank by removing the tank and inspecting the area. If the machine’s brushes are not spinning properly or if they spin slowly, try cleaning them.

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