What Are Some Tips for Caring for Rose Bushes?

Some tips for caring for rose bushes include using a soaker hose to make sure they receive at least an inch of water a week, planting them in areas that receive 6 hours of sunlight a day, feeding the roses with rose food in early spring, pruning them to make room for new flowers and preparing them for winter by covering their base with mulch or soil. Roses require some attention and perseverance but are relatively easy to maintain.

When watering roses, itis better to water from the base rather than above. Using a soaker hose placed at the base of the rose accomplishes this while ensuring that the plant gets a consistent amount of water during the week.

Feeding roses is an important part of caring for them. Starting in early spring, feed them with rose food every 2 weeks and continue to do so throughout the blooming season. Stop a few weeks before the first frost to prepare them for their dormant stage during the winter.

Pruning rose bushes encourages new blossoms; after a rose has finished blooming, snip off the old blossom just above the first leaf. Plants use their leaves to convert sunlight into energy, so leaving as many as possible when pruning helps growth and overall health in the bush.