What Are Some Tips for Caring for Potted Orchid Plants?

What Are Some Tips for Caring for Potted Orchid Plants?

Potted orchids grow best with bright light, good air circulation, consistent moisture and regular fertilizing. To stimulate new blossoms, plant owners should provide a period of cool temperatures to simulate the orchid’s native dormant season.

Orchids require bright, filtered light. Direct sunlight or unfiltered light can burn and damage leaves. To determine if an orchid receives sufficient sunlight, plant owners can check the coloration of the leaves. Healthy leaves are a rich green color, and plants with insufficient lighting have yellow-green leaves.

Orchids perform best with consistent, gentle airflow. Individuals can provide this with an overhead fan on a low setting or a portable fan facing away from the plants. Soil with good drainage allows air to reach the roots.

Plant owners should water the soil as soon it begins to dry out. Water should thoroughly soak the potting medium to flush away salt build-ups. In addition to providing air flow, proper drainage prevents overwatering, which can weaken the plant. After watering, fertilizer is needed weekly during warm months and biweekly during cooler months.

Blooms typically fade after a few months, but cool temperatures can stimulate reblooming. Plant owners should provide cool temperatures in the 50-degree range for at least 10 consecutive days. Temperatures lower than 50 degrees can damage the plant.