What Are Some Tips for Caring for Potted Majesty Palms?

To care for a potted majesty palm, use well-drained soil, water the tree regularly, fertilize it throughout the growing season and snip off any yellowing or dead leaves, although they eventually fall from the tree on their own. Whether inside or outside, keep the potted palm between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and between 55 and 60 F during the winter.

Plant the majesty palm in a pot with well-drained, rich potting mix that includes two parts each of sand and peat moss and half the amount of loam. Place the palm in a location with access to indirect sunlight, such as a shady spot outside or several feet from an east-facing window. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. If it's an indoor potted palm, keep it away from drafty areas.

Water the plant only when the top couple of inches start to feel dry, and then immediately empty the drainage tray to prevent the roots from sitting in water. Feed the plants every four weeks during the spring and summer with an iron-rich, balanced fertilizer to keep the leaves healthy. Transplant the tree to a slightly larger pot every couple of years when it becomes too root-bound; however, the new pot needs to crowd the roots a little for best growth.