What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Mandevilla Vine?

Mandevilla thrives in warm locations with dappled sunlight, and planting it near a trellis or other support structure promotes healthy growth. Plant mandevilla in loose, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter, such as compost, and maintain moist, but not overly wet, soil. When growing mandevilla in a container, place a stake or small trellis inside the container, and place the container in an area with good air circulation.

Transplant the mandevilla in the spring, and choose a container that is an inch larger than the current container to allow the plant room to grow. Prune the plant back by up to one-half in the autumn to prevent overgrowth. After the blooms die in the spring and summer, pinch the flowers off at the tip of the branch to encourage new blooms to emerge.

Apply fertilizer to the mandevilla every other week during the growing season, and water the plant when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Use a phosphorus-rich fertilizer, or add bone meal to homemade fertilizers to ensure the plant receives adequate nutrients. Bring the plant indoors when temperatures reach 55 degrees F, and stop giving the plant fertilizer after bringing it indoors. Water the plant sparingly during the winter months.