What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Majestic Palm Indoors and Outdoors?

Majestic palms, or majesty palms, require special care when brought indoors, such as proper lighting, humidity and less water. The change in environment causes growth to slow down, but bringing it inside ensures winter survival.

Majesty palms are subject to shock like any other plant, which means changes in their environment will cause them to die back a little bit. This palm in particular is slow to recover. It is important to maintain steady conditions during cold weather, so palm plants should be brought indoors as soon as it starts getting cold enough for homeowners to turn on the heater.

As the palm adjusts to the indoors, it is important to decrease the amount of watering. Majesty palms prefer humidity, but over-watering indoors where there will be less growth is an invitation for mold and rot. To add humidity to the plant, consider misting the leaves or lightly water the soil. Majesty palms also require long hours of light; however, they thrive better when not placed in constant direct sunlight. A window that receives direct light for a few hours but remains sunny the rest of the day is an ideal spot for the majesty palm.

When caring for a majesty palm indoors, be sure to check the undersides of fronds for any pests and treat as needed.