What Are Some Tips for Caring for an Indoor Bonsai Tree?

What Are Some Tips for Caring for an Indoor Bonsai Tree?

Some tips for caring for an indoor bonsai tree include checking the humidity and water levels, making sure the tree gets the right nutrients and that it is in a location with the right light conditions. A Bonsai is a miniature tree that grows indoors in a small pot. Just like outdoor trees, they require the right conditions to ensure their growth.

Because bonsai trees grow in very confined spaces, it is important to follow certain guidelines in regards to its watering, fertilizing, repotting and other requirements.

  1. Keep the light, temperature and humidity conditions at appropriate levels
  2. Place the plant in a window that faces south so that it receives full sunlight and keep the humidity level high by using a humidity tray. The use of this tray can keep moisture levels high. Bonsai trees can require a good amount of light and humidity to grow.

  3. Check and maintain the water level
  4. Water the tree only when the soil is almost but nor entirely dry. It is important not to over water the tree. The watering schedule can be dependent on factors, such as bonsai tree type, pot size, lighting conditions, and soils type. Some bonsai trees may require daily watering.

  5. Fertilize the tree
  6. Bonsai trees require fertilization because they grow in a confined space. There are fertilizers specifically used for bonsai trees. Follow package directions for amount and schedule of time for fertilizer use.

  7. Repot the tree and prune it when necessary
  8. When the bonsai's root system fills the pot, it is time to repot it in another larger pot. Keep the tree small by trimming and pruning it regularly when new growth appears.