What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Hydroseed Yard?


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Newly hydroseeded lawns require the same type care as any newly seeded grass. For the first two weeks, water the hyrdroseeded area two to three times daily, then reduce watering to once daily until the first mowing. The first mowing should occur when most of the lawn is about 3 inches tall and should cut no more than one-third of the height from the grass. Gradually lower the cutting deck of the mower as the grass becomes stronger.

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Hydroseeding is a process that uses a special machine to spray a mixture of water, mulch, fertilizer and grass seed onto bare ground. It is much less expensive than installing sod on the ground. New grass plants appear in about three days, and the fully established lawn is ready in about three weeks. There is no danger of the lawn not taking as there is with sod, and the owner does not need to mulch with straw as with traditional seeding methods.

Hydroseeding offers a cost-effective means of establishing a new lawn. It has applications for both home and commercial use. The established lawn requires the same type of maintenance as other types of lawns. Other than the hydroseeding machine, which the installer provides, the owner does not need any special equipment to care for the grass.

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