What Are Some Tips for Caring for Foxglove Flowers?


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When caring for foxglove flowers, encourage flower and side-shoot growth by removing the central flower spike with shears once three-fourths of the flower cluster fades. Cut spent flowers as they fade down to the next healthy blossom to let nutrients reach healthy areas of the plant. Spike large foxglove plants to ensure upright growth. Prevent weed growth and drought by applying a layer of compost and a thick layer of organic mulch every spring. Fertilize monthly with an all-purpose fertilizer.

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Foxgloves thrive in acidic soil with good drainage and high moisture, so water regularly, and amend the soil with humus to create ideal growing conditions. Water once or twice per week during the summer or during drought.

Select a cool and shaded area of the garden to ensure the foxglove doesn't grow in full sun. This plant is highly toxic, so make sure the area where it grows isn't accessible to pets or children.

Plant foxgloves 15 to 18 inches apart to avoid clutter and give the plants enough space to self-propagate. Replant foxgloves every three or four years to open up space between the plants.

Regularly check for pests and disease. Remove dead and diseased leaves from the plant and soil. Ensure proper soil drainage and air circulation. Treat pests, fungi and unwanted invasive plants as soon as you detect them.

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