What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Crown of Thorn Cactus?


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Care for a crown of thorn cactus by watering and fertilizing it regularly and pruning away any leafless limbs and dead leaves. In colder climates, keep the plant in a pot that can be taken indoors during the winter.

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Choose a warm, sunny location with well-draining soil for the plant in climates with a minimum temperature of 30 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. In an area with colder winters, plant the corn of thorn in a pot with well-drained potting mix made of one part soil, two parts coarse sand and a generous amount of compost. Ensure the planting site is large enough for the 3-foot plant. Place a potted crown of thorns in a bright south- or west-facing window.

Although the plant tolerates dry, drought conditions well, water it regularly whenever the soil dries out. For optimal flower growth, water it often, but ensure the soil doesn't become damp. Feed the plant only during the growing season with a boron-free fertilizer, but avoid fertilizing it during very hot and cold weather when the plant goes dormant.

Prune away leafless and brown stems and dead leaves as needed for sufficient airflow to prevent rot. Once the temperature drops, move the plant indoors. Before moving the plant back outside in the spring, harden it off over the course of a week to reacclimatize it to sunlight.

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