What Are Some Tips for Caring for Artichoke Plants?


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Care for artichoke plants by placing them in partial or full sun in an area with mild winters, giving them well-draining soil and mulching the plants. Depending on the local climate, overwintering the plants indoors may be advisable.

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Work organic matter into the soil of the planting site to improve drainage. After determining that the pH is between 6.0 and 7.0, plant artichoke seeds, seedlings or crowns, keeping in mind that the plants need plenty of room to grow as they can reach up to 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. In colder climates, such as USDA zones 5 through 7, with minimum temperatures between minus 20 degrees and 10 degrees Fahrenheit, plant the artichokes in a container.

Periodically pull any weeds and add a 4-inch layer of mulch to inhibit weed growth and keep the soil moist. Twice a month, feed the plants a balanced fertilizer. To overwinter the plants, bring the pots inside, and keep them in a dark, cool location. For climates with minimum temperatures between zero and 10 degrees Fahrenheit, trim the plants down to within 1 foot of the ground, and cover them with straw or leaf mulch and a basket or tarp. For warmer climates, shear the plants down to the ground, and cover them with mulch.

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