What Are Some Tips for the Care of Laminate Flooring?


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Clean laminate floors routinely using a wood floor attachment of a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush and dust mop, and spot clean floors using a damp mop. Use laminate floor cleaner for deeper cleaning and steer clear of soap-based detergents to avoid leaving a film on the floor.

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A special laminate floor cleaner cleans the surface of the floor while also protecting it from spills, stains, fading and scrapes. In addition, regular dust mopping or vacuuming as a routine cleaning can keep the floor looking good while removing debris that can scratch and damage the floor. A mop that's been squeezed out and left just damp along with floor cleaner is a good weekly or biweekly cleaning option for laminate floors in between dustings.

Care for a laminate floor by placing a mat made with natural material at the entrances to doors to catch dirt from shoes as people enter the space. Trim pets' nails to limit scratches and scuffs, and protect the floor from furniture scratches by putting felt pads under appliances and table or chair legs. Move furniture by lifting it instead of sliding it, and clean up spills as they occur to prevent discoloration and damage from water.

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