What Are Some Tips on How to Care for a Ficus Tree?


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Some care tips for growing a ficus tree include giving it access to plenty of indirect sunlight, watering it consistently and repotting it as necessary. The gardener also has to keep an eye out for pests.

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What Are Some Tips on How to Care for a Ficus Tree?
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A gardener needs to plant a ficus tree in well-drained soil or potting mix to prevent the roots from becoming too water-logged and developing root rot. He should place the plant in an area that receives indirect sunlight. Potted plants can be moved outside during the summer, but should be moved back inside during the winner and kept away from drafting windows and doors.

A ficus needs consistent watering so that the soil remains moist. If the leaves fall or wither, increase or decrease watering. Because a ficus thrives in humid environments, the gardener needs to mist the leaves with water during especially hot periods. The tree only needs food during its growing period. It should get a diluted dose of liquid fertilizer every month in the summer. Because a ficus grows rapidly, the gardener needs to repot it as often as every two years.

The gardener needs to regularly check the soil and leaves for insects or pest infestations. The ficus is especially prone to mites and aphids, which can quickly infest the plant if it is over-watered or under-watered.

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