What Are Some Tips for the Care and Cleaning of Granite Counter Tops?


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Care and cleaning tips for granite countertops include wiping up spills immediately, sealing the granite and wiping the surface daily with water and mild dish soap as needed. Harsh, abrasive and acidic cleaners damage and dull the stone over time.

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Sealant designed for stone countertops protects the granite from stains, but not completely. The homeowner still needs to wipe up spills immediately so they don't stain the granite. A granite countertop is sufficiently sealed if water placed on the surface beads up. Regular checks at least once per year alert the homeowner if the granite needs to be resealed.

For everyday use, a microfiber cloth and warm water cleans up the granite surface. The microfiber is a gentle material that doesn't scratch the granite. A small amount of mild soap can help with tough cleaning jobs. Wring out the cloth to avoid standing water on the counter. Drying the counter after cleaning helps remove water to protect the granite.

For stains, baking soda and water mixed into a paste is a removal option. For water stains, use hydrogen peroxide in place of the water. Spread a thick layer on the granite and cover it with plastic wrap. The next day, wipe and rinse the area carefully.

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