What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Office Furniture?


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One tip for buying used office furniture is to deal with a trusted seller. Check the dealers reputation before making purchases. Other tips include understanding the difference between re-manufactured, reused and refurbished furniture. While reused furniture may differ considerably in terms of quality and condition, re-manufactured items may be indistinguishable from new pieces.

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Recycling is a broad term used to describe many ways in which furniture finds its way back onto the market. Items that have been re-manufactured have been restored to their original condition, refurbished furniture has typically undergone a more limited cleaning and restoration process, while reused items may have suffered considerable wear. Purchasing a warranty plan from dealers that offer them may be very beneficial when investing in recycled furniture.

In addition to being less costly, obtaining recycled furniture often requires less time and effort and produces less environmental impact purchasing new items. Purchasing new furniture may require extensive wait times while scheduling delivery of recycled items often requires far less time. Recycled items also offer a better value because new pieces begin to depreciate rapidly once purchased and used. New furniture can often depreciate to only a quarter of its original price within five years, while used items may retain up to 75 percent of their value.

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