What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Garden Equipment?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Garden Equipment?

Thoroughly inspect used garden tools, research the brands, assess your individual needs and understand the price differences. Additionally, consider saving on used equipment by buying at local stores.

Pick the right garden tools by extensively researching it. Study the different types, sizes and brands. Find out which ones work best for each type of garden work. For example, round point shovels work best for rehabilitating existing cracks, while square point ones are good for moving large waste.

To evaluate new tools that you want to compare to used ones, visit major retail stores that sell garden supplies, such as Sears, Lowe's, The Home Depot and Menards. Note the price ranges, so that you avoid paying too much for used ones. Additionally, ask a salesperson for suggestions and recommendations.

At local used goods stores, test and assess used garden equipment. While holding these tools, study the weight, and imagine how it would feel after hours of work. Inspect the tool for rust, cord tears and natural or extreme wear.

Tools from companies with excellent customer reviews have longer shelf life than cheaper, poor quality ones. When buying large garden equipment, such as a tractor, consider its wear and tear, but also the machine's mileage and storage environment.