What are some tips for buying used church pews?


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Tips for buying used church pews include investigating their prior use and inspecting their quality before purchase. Consider the cost of transporting the pews after buying and before you negotiate the final price with the seller.

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Contact the previous owner to ask how he used the pews. Ask why the church is selling the pews. If the church bought too many pews and needs to get rid of some, it's potentially a good deal for the buyer. On the other hand, if the church wants to sell the pews because they are damaged, that is a red flag.

Ask to inspect at least one of the pews before purchase, especially if the pews come from a hurricane-prone area or an area that recently suffered a natural disaster. Make sure that the pews are made with quality materials. Look for signs of damage, decay or warping of the wood. Also make sure that the pews are made with high-quality wood or other durable material.

Consider what is necessary to transport the pews to the desired destination. Take into account whether the seller offers any assistance with shipping. The seller's price is sometimes flexible as well. Buyers often negotiate a better price by asking for a discount. Some third-party selling websites assist with listing pews for sale and also with payment options such as an escrow account or direct payments in full.

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