What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Air Conditioning Units?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Air Conditioning Units?

Tips for buying used air conditioning units include measuring the space beforehand, researching specific unit models, scouting out available options and inspect the unit in person. It is also helpful to ask about return policies and shipping costs.

When shopping, it is important to scout out a variety of places where air conditioners are sold. Secondhand appliance stores, thrift stores and estate and garage sales may all offer appliances from time to time.

Researching specific models lets customers learn more about what they are buying. This can be especially helpful when shopping online, as it can be tricky to assess quality without seeing the unit. Even so, buyers should look at the unit in person if possible to look for potential problems. A measuring tape and list of desired specifications are useful in this situation.

A return policy can help ensure a refund if the unit is defective. This is especially helpful when purchasing an air conditioner online, where it is not possible to inspect the unit in person.

When buying air conditioners online, the unit's shipping terms should be taken into consideration. Air conditioners are heavy, which means that the cost can go up significantly when shipping is added to the purchase.