What Are Some Tips on Buying the Right Dinner Trays?


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When choosing a dinner tray, consider its purpose. If you want to use the tray for meals in bed, choose a dinner tray with a bean bag attached to its bottom. The bean bag allows the tray to stay balanced on the person's lap. Bean bag trays come in many designs, with cartoons, maps and tapestries printed on the surfaces.

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There are also trays that have short legs attached to them instead of a bean bag, and these are also useful for eating in bed. It is also possible to use these trays when working on a laptop or completing homework while sitting in a chair. Other types of trays include nesting trays, which come in sets of several sizes. These trays can be used for design purposes, such as displaying objects, when they are stacked on top of each other.

Dinner trays can be oval, rectangular and round. Round trays are best for serving beverages and finger foods at parties, while oval and rectangular trays can serve various purposes, depending on their designs and materials. Some materials of dinner trays include wood, bamboo, metal, pewter and other. Smaller dinner trays are also made with acrylic, china or lacquer glass.

Some dinner trays feature a non-slip surface. These are most useful for carrying things or eating in bed.

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