What Are Some Tips for Buying Retired Longaberger Baskets?


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A tip when buying retired Longaberger baskets is to check the authenticity and the material they are made of. The baskets are also colored and stained in different ways in different time periods.

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Every authentic Longaberger basket has three defining identification marks at the bottom of the basket: a stamp, the date the basket was made and the specific weaver's signature. Baskets with these three symbols are sure to be authentic; however, some baskets made before 1978 may not have the signature. There are very rare baskets available that are made by the founder himself, J.W. Longaberger, and the authenticity of these baskets can be verified by contacting the company. Although the logo has changed somewhat over the years, it still retains the company name and the name of the city where the baskets are made.

Another useful tip is to know what an authentic basket is made of. Longaberger baskets are traditionally made of maple splints, and the handles are also made of a hardwood such as oak. Replicas are usually made of cheaper woods, which can be easily identified. Longaberger baskets have been a prized collectors' item for close to a century. There is also a thriving online secondary market for rare and retired baskets from this brand.

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