What Are Some Tips for Buying Peppercorn Plants?


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Because a peppercorn plant does not normally produce peppercorns until its third year, purchase a well-started vine with a fully established root system. Deal with a reputable greenhouse or grower who guarantees the product and gives special attention to plant packaging and speedy shipping if it is sold on-line.

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Never purchase bare-root peppercorn plants, even though they are often available at a lower price. The best peppercorn vines are those that grown for several months in a richly organic soil mixture under greenhouse conditions. Many growers feature grafted or air-layered varieties that generate early and abundant fruiting. Peppercorn vines do best when they are sold in the 6- to 12-inch deep containers in which they have been grown, and are not trimmed excessively before being sold or shipped.

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