What Are Some Tips for Buying Hibiscus?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Hibiscus?

When buying hibiscus, understand that there are many varieties of the plant available and buy the right kind of hibiscus for the particular climate. Look for plants with dark green leaves and lots of flower buds.

When shopping for a healthy hibiscus, note that too many yellowing leaves usually indicate a stressed plant, so it is best to avoid one with yellow leaves. The more stems a hibiscus has, the more blooms it will produce.

While at the nursery, gently removing the plant from its pot and looking at the roots is also recommended. Healthy plants have white roots that are beginning to fill the pot. It is best to avoid a hibiscus with brown or squishy roots or one with roots circling the inside of the pot.

There are three general types of hibiscus available around the country. Tropical hibiscus does not like cold weather and grows to be more than 10 feet tall. Those living in a cold part of the country should bring this type of hibiscus inside for the winter.

The hardy hibiscus does not mind cold temperatures and can live in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. This hibiscus produces large flowers of various colors.

The rose of Sharon loves direct sunlight and survives in cold temperatures. This species has smaller leaves than the other types of hibiscus and produces colorful flowers. This plant grows to be around eight feet tall.