What Are Some Tips for Buying a Granite Composite Sink?


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Tips for buying a granite composite sink include budgeting accordingly, being aware of the material's limitations, and being prepared to perform daily maintenance on the product. Granite composite sinks are more durable than traditional sinks in some ways, and resist scratches and high heat effectively.

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The first tip for buying a granite composite sink is to budget accordingly. As of 2013, such sinks range in price from $250 to $550. Such prices are competitive with other sinks because the blended materials are cheaper than traditional granite sinks, but you must account for exactly how many sinks you need for your home renovation purposes.

One limitation of granite composite sinks is that they are only available in matte finishes. They are also more prone to mineral-induced stains because they are porous; such stains may dull the attractive finish of the sink over time.

The final tip for buying a granite composite sink is to be prepared for daily maintenance. To maintain its attractive appearance, wash the sink every day using a soapy nylon brush and brushing in circular motions. Afterwards, dry it with a dishcloth. Traditional cleaning materials containing abrasive powders may damage the surface, so you may need to purchase specialized cleaning products.

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