What Are Some Tips for Buying a Duncan Phyfe Drop-Leaf Table?

Original Duncan Phyfe tables sell for between $50,000 and $150,000, as of 2016, so be sure to work with a reputable antique collector to ensure that your purchase is authentic. However, when shopping for reproduction drop-leaf tables in the Duncan Phyfe style, search Craigslist, flea markets and local estate sales.

Tables designed in the Duncan Phyfe style usually consist of walnut or mahogany. They feature distinctive reeded legs and neoclassical details that provide a refined look. This popular style of reproduction table is readily available in a range of price brackets in either new or used condition.

Although reproduction Duncan Phyfe tables sell for considerably less than originals, tables created by reputable manufacturers can fetch a steep price in mint condition. When searching for a vintage reproduction table, condition should be a key consideration. Structural integrity ensures the stability and longevity of the piece. Inspect the integrity of the drop-leaf mechanism, and try to determine whether the hardware is original. Missing or replaced hardware or a damaged finish should translate to a lower piece.