What Are Some Tips for Buying Canopy Connector Fittings?


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Determine whether the fittings are for chain link fence post tubings or for standard EMT conduit when buying canopy connector fittings. Choose connectors individually or as part of a complete set based on the canopy's design, shape and peak angles. When buying canopy connector fittings measure the outer diameter of the tubing, and check individual connector specifications to choose the right part.

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Canopy connector fittings include corner, side and center fittings made to cater to flat, low peak, high peak or sloped roofs. Opt for high quality galvanized metal fittings that last longer. Take into consideration the inner and outer diameter of each fitting connector and pipe to choose the right option for conduit poles or chain link fence tubing. Additionally, consider the angle of the canopy when choosing fittings for a durable and safe construction.

When choosing conduit connectors and specialty custom fittings, get the exact dimensions of the canopy for the right connectors. Custom connector fittings are ideal for canopies that are exposed to heavy wind and need extra fastening, or those that are customized based on individual requirements. Choose from two-way connectors, L-shaped fittings and double corners to secure the canopy to its roof, while opting for the right size foot pads needed to drive it securely into the ground. When selecting canopy connector fittings, ensure that each fitting includes eye bolts for fastening the canopy firmly in place.

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