What Are Some Tips for Buying Amish Wooden Bowls?


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When purchasing Amish wooden bowls, consider whether you plan on using them for eating or for decorations, and to maintain them you can also purchase Butcher Block Oil or a similar wood protectant. As Amish stores do not generally have telephones or websites, ascertain the store's location or distance.

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If you plan on using the bowls for decoration rather than eating, consider purchasing them as part of a set with other items of the same wood type and stain. Since the Amish do not generally mass-produce items, purchasing one item at a type carries the risk of the item being sold out prematurely. Also note how the bowls fit into the rest of the decor in your room, especially with other wooden furniture or display items. Amish wooden products can vary from light oak to dark cherry. Such bowls can hold ornamental fruit or other items.

Wooden bowls, especially when used for dining, require maintenance, so purchase Butcher Block Oil or a similar product for your Amish wooden bowls. Butcher Block Oil is an odorless product that is safe for surfaces that hold food, Simply wipe the product on your wooden bowls, and let them sit for five minutes. Wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth.

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