What Are Some Tips for Building a Wooden Trellis?

What Are Some Tips for Building a Wooden Trellis?

Making a wooden trellis a permanent part of the landscape requires making narrow holes from between 30 and 36 inches deep, adding gravel and finally concrete. Leave a few inches in each hole for soil. Always use galvanized nails and screws to avoid rust.

A wooden trellis adds beauty, shade and privacy to any property and works well for supporting climbing vegetables or flowering vines. Generally, a trellis is made using a rectangular or square frame with an inset grid made out of materials such as wood, chain link, twine or nylon string.

The easiest way to build a wooden trellis is by first securing two vertical posts into the ground using a sledgehammer. This tip works well whether the trellis stands alone or the homeowner plans on attaching the trellis to a home or garage.

Another tip is to build the latticework portion of the trellis first, which provides a way to properly space the posts that hold it up. If the trellis is not a permanent fixture, cement should not be used to secure it into the ground. In that case, the ideal process is to use gravel and soil to hold it in place, packing it down thoroughly after each shovelful.

Once the posts that hold up the trellis are firmly erected, the final step is to screw the latticework board into the frame.