What Are Some Tips for Building a Wood Shed?


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Tips for building a wood shed include designing the structure so it provides protection from the elements while allowing enough air circulation to season the wood and prevent rot. Place the shed far enough from the house to keep insects and mice outside and to meet any fire code requirements. Paint the woodshed for a longer life expectancy.

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Properly seasoned firewood provides the greatest heating efficiency and safety for heating with wood. A woodshed keeps the wood dry and prevents it from rotting away. The shed needs a roof to protect the wood from the rain and open sides that allow air circulation to dry the wood. The roof should extend far enough to provide some protection from moisture from blowing rain.

Before beginning any construction, check local codes and see if the project requires any permits. Some locations specify a minimum distance from the house for storage of flammable materials. The shed should be far enough away that it does not attract termites or other wood-destroying insects to the home.

Protect the shed by painting it. Paint helps to keep pests from infiltrating the woodshed and its contents. Check the wood in the shed occasionally and remove any rotting wood that attracts pests that speed decay.

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