What Are Tips for Building a Smokehouse?

What Are Tips for Building a Smokehouse?

Tips for building a smokehouse include building with untreated wood, building on a gravel pad and installing steel bars inside the smokehouse. Having a cock-eyed roof is not a problem because it helps with ventilation.

Builders are advised to use unpainted and untreated wood when constructing a smokehouse. This is to avoid high heat drawing chemicals into the food. Untreated pine is a good choice.

Because wood smokehouses are flammable, constructing the smokehouse on a gravel pad foundation reduces the chance of a fire. People should also use a heat source that is easy to control. Concrete piers work just as well for foundations, although they are more expensive and labor intensive.

Installing bars inside the smokehouse allows for meats such as turkey and ham to be hung. Metal racks can also be used to lay meat. Steel is a good choice for metal racks, although they need to be brushed with a wire brush to remove rust. Stainless steel is a better option. Galvanized metal should be avoided as it can produce toxic fumes when hot.

Lastly, smokehouse users are advised to buy sawdust and wood-chips rather than cut down trees. There is a likelihood of a small amount of oil leaking into the sawdust and wood from a chainsaw and contaminating the meat.