What Are Some Tips for Building a Small Greenhouse?

tips-building-small-greenhouse Credit: ahavelaar/iStock/Getty Images

When building a greenhouse, consider the size and space and do not make it too large or too small. Keep in mind that a smaller greenhouse may seem like a good idea, but it is harder to regulate temperature and humidity in a smaller space, so build a greenhouse as large as possible, recommends Pro.com.

Besides considering size, build a greenhouse in an area that receives sun from the south or, if that is not possible, the west. Build it close to the back door of the home so access is fast and easy. When choosing a location, protect the greenhouse from cold winds by placing it near a row of shrubs or close to a fence.

Unless a homeowner knows exactly how to build a greenhouse, buying a DIY kit may save time and frustration during the building process. Kits are generally more expensive, but come fully planned and ready to build.

A greenhouse should come with plenty of ventilation to remove excess humidity and a generator to heat the building in the winter. Many greenhouses come with a rooftop vent for easy ventilation.

Don't get fancy with the flooring in a greenhouse. A simple gravel floor drains well, looks good and is generally low maintenance. If heavy snow is a problem in the winter, build a peaked roof so the weight of the snow does not collapse the roof.