What Are Some Tips for Building PVC Patio Covers?


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Tips for building PVC and corrugated plastic patio covers include taking proper measurements of the space before obtaining the materials, checking the sturdiness of the support beams and ensuring a solid seal between panels with appropriate adhesives. The patio covering also needs to securely attach to the support beams and the adjoining structure, typically through joint brackets.

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Building a corrugated plastic patio cover begins with properly measuring the patio space to determine the full size of the area and the amount of roofing material necessary to complete the job. The owner also needs to decide on the cover style, such as a flat top or angled design, as this may add to the amount of roofing and other supplies. Depending on the style of the roof material, it may be necessary to cut custom panels or sections to fit the area, which involves additional measuring to determine the specific size and shape of the panels so that they match the existing structure.

The covering also needs to comfortably and securely rest on the support beams that surround the patio, which may vary between patio styles. The installation process should begin at a single point, using as large of a sheet as possible to reduce the number of seams and provide greater coverage for the seating area. If there are seams, it may be necessary to seal the area with an adhesive or by binding the edges together using screws or clamps.

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