What Are Some Tips for Building a Prefabricated Cottage?


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One tip for building a prefabricated cottage is to tweak the manufacturer's preset plan. Some prefabricated cottages are available in pre-cut plans, but many manufacturers offer custom-built cottages where buyers can change the size, shape and materials of parts and assemblies. Prefabricated cottages are also available in modular plans that come fully outfitted with interior and exterior fittings or panelized homes where the interior and exterior finishing and outfitting are completed on-site.

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Another tip when building a prefabricated cottage is to consult an outside contractor for site preparation. A contractor can assess the requirements for the foundation and the structure. Like building a house, installing a prefab cottage is a permanent structure and installation must adhere with the city or neighborhood building laws. A contractor well-versed in the city and state's zoning codes understands the steps necessary for building a prefab home and can make sure that every part of the construction, from finishing to placement, is correctly done to the code.

The prefab cottage should be built close to utility hookups, such as gas, water, electricity and septic tanks. The buyer usually has to pay the city for the hookup services. If the land is outside of the municipal district and does not have access to sewage lines, installation of a septic tank ensures that the cottage is fully functional after its installation.

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