What Are Some Tips for Building Your Own Fireplace?


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The process of building a fireplace involves selecting a location, cutting a hole in the existing wall, constructing the surrounding structure and either constructing a chimney or installing electric or gas lines for non-wood burning fireplaces. Fireplace enclosures typically require brick or stonework, while gas and electric installations may utilize a drywall surround or metal enclosures and exhausts.

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Installing a traditional fireplace involves mounting builder's felt and a metal lath over the opening before covering the felt with mortar and stonework. Measure and cut the corner pieces, and mount them prior to the installation of the header. Adhere the stones to the installation using mortar, and fill any gaps between stonework using grout.

Gas and electric fireplaces do not require the installation of a chimney and typically make use of a simple exhaust that vents through the exterior wall. Installation involves creating a gas supply line or wiring the fireplace to an electrical power source and cutting a hole in the wall for the exhaust vent. After construction of the fireplace platform and surround, connect the gas or electrical lines and ensure the exhaust vent functions properly. Finishing options for a new fireplace typically consist of stonework, stucco or drywall.

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