What Are Some Tips for Building Outdoor Wood Steps?


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Some tips for building outdoor wooden steps include using precut stringers, measuring the opening's width and the height of the steps, and using an anchor board for support for the stringers. It's a good idea to use pressure-treated pine and leave the wood to dry completely before adding an exterior porch and deck paint.

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What Are Some Tips for Building Outdoor Wood Steps?
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Preparing the area involves getting rid of plants, leveling the soil and adding fill dirt to low spots. Buy precut stringers at building supply stores or home centers. After measuring the opening's width and the distance from the highest step to the ground, find out how many steps you need, ensuring each step has a height of 7 inches.

Prepare all necessary materials, including corrosion-resistant nails or screws, stringers, treads, an anchor board and riser boards. Choose pressure-treated wood for better durability. Support the stringers by securing an anchor board to the side of the home, and cut the board to length. Screw the board to the side of the house, and nail the outer stringers to the anchor board's edges.

The next steps involve attaching the inner stringers, fastening the riser boards to the stringers to connect the step framing and cutting treads to length. It helps to use two 6-inch wide treads on all steps to prevent cracking. Finally, nail the treads on the stringers, and affix the risers to the stringers.

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