What are some tips for building interior walls with metal studs?


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When framing an interior wall with metal studs, keep in mind that not all studs are designed to be load-bearing. In general, plan on spending one hour to complete each 8-foot long section of wall, and make extra time for framing doorways and windows.

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To get started, lay out the wall's position with chalk lines. Cut the runner at the edge of each door opening, and attach the runner to the floor with wood screws. Next, transfer the runner's location to the ceiling by twisting a single stud into the floor runner and holding a level against it. Mark the edges of the stud at each of the walls on the ceiling, and join the marks with a chalk line.

Attach the ceiling and the runner together by driving screws into the metal joists. For walls that run parallel to the joists, add blocking for a wood wall, or use a resilient channel system that allows drywall to accommodate movement, then lay out the locations of each stud with a permanent marker on the bottom runner. It is not necessary to mark the upper runner at the same time. Cut the studs to the appropriate length if necessary, and begin inserting them, constructing headers and attachment surfaces along the way.

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