What Are Some Tips for Building an Inexpensive Pole Barn?


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Some tips for building an inexpensive pole barn are to use wider spacing between support columns to save on lumber costs, use more durable materials to construct the pole barn to save money on repairs over time and build using the simplest design possible to achieve the desired goal. Other tips for building an inexpensive pole barn include opting for sliding doors over motorized garage doors and installing a form of condensation control to resist water damage and mold growth.

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Consult with a structural engineer when considering reducing the number of support columns in your design to ensure that the finished structure has enough strength to support the roof and withstand poor weather conditions such as snow, rain and wind. Using fewer columns in the structure means fewer trusses and less lumber are required overall, which can greatly reduce the construction cost of the pole barn.

Choosing durable materials to construct the pole barn with, even if they are more expensive to purchase, is an effective method of saving on the long-term cost of the structure as it requires less maintenance and fewer repairs. Instead of hanging drywall to finish the interior, for example, an interior liner system made from steel or aluminum stands up to wear and tear better and requires less work to install.

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