What Are Some Tips on Building a Handmade Coffin?


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One of the tips of building a homemade coffin is to measure the length, width and the feet size of the person for whom the casket is being constructed. The coffin builder also needs to develop a template and leave enough space to ensure the body rests comfortably.

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The first step when building a sturdy and inexpensive coffin is drawing a template and gathering the necessary materials. The builder should put into consideration the measurements of the body. The builder needs two sheets of 8ft x 4ft block boards, wood screws, panel pins, woodworking glue, paint and handles, says Wikihow.com. The side panels, the base and lid are cut from the block board and then assembled using glue and screws.

The builder should prepare a head-rest and paint the coffin to make it more presentable. He should defer cutting out the lids until the main body of the box is complete. A soft liner made from silk, cotton or satin is used to line the coffin, suggests Wikihow.com. The builder can also line the coffin with inexpensive materials such as wood shavings. Handles are fixed with great care and the builder should account for the blade when cutting the base, sides and the lid. The builder should seal the seams and holes with wood glue, using a coping saw for dovetailing and ensuring strong materials are used for making the coffin.

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