What Are Some Tips for Building a Cabin by Hand?


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One tip for building a cabin by hand is to tool up by making a list of tools that are needed and research unfamiliar tools. Another tip is to know how to select wood. Trees used for the cabin should be dry and free of rot, sand and insects.

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What Are Some Tips for Building a Cabin by Hand?
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When placing logs, make sure that they are stable and secure. Mark notches on the logs to ensure that they are positioned correctly, and then put a dowel through the logs so that they stay together.

Moss, cement, insulating foam, clay and burlap all work as chinking materials. When chinking, pack the material horizontally so it is forced between the logs and tightly packed. Pushing the material between the logs any other way will cause it to fall out the other side.

It is easier to use full-length logs than pieces of logs in walls with doors or windows. Mark and cut the rough opening of the door or window into the log after the logs are notched and pinned. This creates a more stable wall.

To keep the cabin cost effective, save all unused material. The material may be useful later for finishing an area or adding a creative touch to the cabin.

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