What Are Some Tips for Building a Box for Worms?


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Tips for building worm boxes or bins include selecting the right construction materials, placing the box in areas that are not subject to excessive sunlight and heat as well as using old newspaper, cardboard or leaves as bedding. Make the box out of either wooden or plastic materials. Wooden boxes offer superior insulation but are less durable and may require more assembly than plastic bins.

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After lining the bottom of a worm box, add moisture to the bedding until it reaches the consistency of a wet sponge. Then place worm food, such as table scraps, above the bedding. Oily foods and animal products, such as bone, meats, fats and dairy products are poor choices for worm food. Next, add the worms to the box and cover them with wet newspaper, leaves or loose soil.

Worm boxes are an ideal way to compost food waste and a low cost way to produce live fishing bait. Add additional food scraps at regular intervals to ensure the worms stay healthy and productive. A helpful tip for avoiding strong or unpleasant odors is to bury food scraps beneath the bedding and soil. Another tip is to lure worms to different areas of the box with fresh table scraps when harvesting or removing composted soil.

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