What are some tips for building an aluminium gazebo?


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Check all local zoning laws to ensure the intended location for the gazebo works within the confines of any zoning restrictions. Prepare the ground of the intended location for the gazebo installation including clearing any grass or plants, evening the ground and adding a foundation if necessary. Because aluminum is a strong but light material, lay a deep enough foundation preferably secured with concrete. Measure the area and select the proper size of gazebo for the desired location.

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Check the aluminum building material of the gazebo. If the aluminum has not been treated, add any necessary veneer or treatment. This is important because rain and sunlight could damage the aluminum structure. Level the beams of the gazebo. This is especially important if a foundation is not installed. Unlevel beams in metal gazebos result in an exorbitant amount of weight slanted toward one side, which can cause the structure to lean and eventually sink.

Do not use any other material fastening tools or screws, as these do not secure heavier aluminum metal beams. Double check any rafters that are affixed to the aluminum beams. Measure the length of the rafters from the center of the roof to the exterior beams, as the heavier metal may bend or warp over time if there is too much weight on them.

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