What are some tips to build a hidden door?


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To build a hidden door, measure the dimensions of the door frame, mark and cut the wood, assemble the frame, attach the hinges and mount the wheel and latch. Mount the door and hide the door from sight with a sheet of drywall that blends with the rest of the wall. An alternate way to build a hidden door is to set it behind paneling, a bookcase or posters.

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Inspect the room in which the hidden door is to be fitted and start off with a drawing. Decide what camouflage will work best for the room. For example, if the hidden door is in a library or a living area, it may be set behind a bookcase. Alternatively, if the door will be in a bedroom, it may be hidden behind panels or within a wardrobe. Get, cut and mark the wood after measuring out the dimensions of the door frame and assemble it. Mark off the areas on the side of the frame where the hinges are to be set and attach them.

Next, mount the wheel and ball latch held in place with a spring so that the door opens easily when released. Mount the door, screw the hinges in place and test it out to ensure that it stands on its own and opens and closes as desired. Camouflage the door with paneling or posters exactly the same size as the door. If a bookcase is to hide the door, ensure that it is slightly smaller than the door and add hidden wheels to the bottom so that it moves smoothly.

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