What Are Some Tips for Blend Door Repair?


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When repairing a blend door, it is possible to do so without removing the dashboard when using a repair kit such as Blen Dor's No Dash Removal Kit. The instructions in the kit should be followed to the letter. If no kit is available, a professional should be consulted; attempting a repair without proper instructions could lead to a broken back drive connector.

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To determine whether a Jeep's blend door needs repaired, first find out if the vehicle has an Automatic Zone Control system. If it does, the fault codes can point in the direction of the problem. Turn on the vehicle's ignition, and then employ the Automatic Zone Control system. Press the AC and Re-Circ buttons at the same time. While holding them down, turn the knob that controls the driver's side temperature one click to the right.

Release the buttons and observe the codes. Codes 21 or 53 indicate that the left temperature door is letting in too little air, while 23 or 55 show that the same problem for the right temperature door. Codes 22 or 54 mean that the left temperature door is letting in too much air; codes 24 or 56 mean the same for the right temperature door. If codes 15 or 47 display, the left temperature door is not responding and the actuator motor has failed. Code 16 or 48 mean the same fate for the right temperature door, and that a professional should be called, as the right door actuator motor is behind the dashboard and the HVAC box and hard to access.

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