What Are Some Tips for Awning Fabric Repair?


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If the awning is damaged by mildew, apply some awning cleaner onto the mildew spots and around them; the cleaner breaks up the mold spores. Leave the cleaner on for a few minutes, and remove the mildew using a high-quality scrub brush. Make sure to rinse the cleaner off with a large amount of water using a hose or a bucket. Leave the awning to dry.

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To repair rips in a fabric awning, buy an iron-on fabric patch of a color that matches the awning, and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to attach it. If a vinyl awning is ripped, buy vinyl repair tape, cut out a piece of it to fit the size of the rip, remove the protective cover and place it onto the rip. Make sure to press the tape firmly to the awning. Repeat the process on the other side of the awning. If a canvas awning is ripped, iron the patch onto the rip.

To repair small holes in the awning, heat up an awl, and melt the acrylic around the edges of the hole. This prevents the hole from expanding further, as the frays around the hole stick together. Once the awning cools down, attach an adhesive patch onto the hole on both sides of the awning.

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