What Are Some Tips for Avocado Seed Sprouting?

What Are Some Tips for Avocado Seed Sprouting?

To sprout an avocado seed, clean the seed thoroughly and suspend it over a glass of water. Keep it in a warm, shady area and change the water on a regular basis.

Growing an avocado tree from seed is fairly easy. Gardeners can sprout their pits by using the following tips.

  1. Prepare the seed properly
  2. To prepare the seed to ensure sprouting, clean it thoroughly and let it dry. With the pointy end facing upwards and the flat end pointing downwards, poke three or four toothpicks into the side of the seed.

  3. Suspend the seed in water
  4. Use the toothpicks to prop the seed up over a glass of water. Around 1 inch of the bottom of the seed should be submerged in the water; the rest of the seed should remain above the water level. Gardeners can also sprout seeds in soil, but water allows them to see the roots sprouting from the seed. Be sure to top off the water level if it gets low and change water that seems old.

  5. Keep the seed warm
  6. Avocado seeds require warmth to germinate. Seeds sprout much more slowly in cool temperatures, or may not sprout at all.

If the seed does not sprout after 6 weeks, try a different seed.