What Are Some Tips for Assembling Kitchen Cabinets?


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Tips for assembling kitchen cabinets include assembling and hanging the upper cabinets first and using one or more assistants to help lift and position the cabinets to ensure proper mounting. Test fit all cabinets prior to assembly. Shimming and adjusting the cabinets before completing the assembly can ensure a proper fit and a level position.

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The initial steps for assembling and installing kitchen cabinets are to create a plan for installation, obtain all cabinet pieces and tools, and inspect all materials for signs of damage. Measure and mark installation lines and use a 4-foot carpenter's level to ensure that the lines are plumb, level and square. Install a ledger bar before mounting the upper cabinets to the wall, using the carpenter's level to ensure proper positioning.

Position the first upper cabinet as perfectly as possible, as it serves as a control point when assembling the others. Assemble and mount all lower cabinets in the same way as the upper cabinets, but without installing a ledger bar. Register the base-level cabinets with the level line of the wall, and shim underneath and behind them to ensure proper positioning. Double check all measurements and spacing when installing cabinets to ensure space for appliances.

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